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"What are our best selling products?" "We had record sales this month. Why are our profits down?" "I know our best customers, but are they our most profitable customers?"

Common questions in the business world, but difficult questions to answer. The numbers you need to answer those questions exist, but are buried in ERP systems, quality tracking systems, spreadsheets on employees' personal computers, and on paper in filing cabinets. A Business Intelligence system gives you answers by doing two things:

First, the Business Intelligence system integrates data from multiple sources into one place to run all reports. You will no longer waste time reconciling reports from different sources created using different logic.

Second, the Business Intelligence database will be structured so that reports are easy to create using Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or even (sigh) Microsoft Excel.

Pine Tree Data Systems builds Business Intelligence systems using the Data Warehouse Bus Architecture defined by Ralph Kimball. What does that mean to your business? We deliver the system a piece at a time--as we complete an area, you begin to use it--and the various pieces work together as the Data Warehouse grows.

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